Brand Identity

Brand Identity

The brand you own is the most important investment you have so make its identity a unique one. Brand identity is all the visible elements, such as the logo designs and color, that can easily be distinguished from other brands.

Keep in mind that brand identity is different from brand image. Consistent in your marketing and advertising process will lead your brand identity to grow and result in continuous sales and profit.

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هویت بصری برند شخصیت برند و سازمان را در ذهن مخاطب ایجاد می کند.

Building A Brand Identity

At first, you may think this is a tough task, but it is only if you have experts who will guide you.

To build a good brand identity, you will have to:

  • Analyze your company as well as your market, which includes your SWOT analysis as well.
  • You will have to determine your key business goals for sure.
  • You have to identify who your target group and customers are.

Brand Identity in gonbadfirouze

Gonbad Firouze, along with its team of experts, has the potential to help you depict your brand identity with unique designs that will simply captivate every consumer. Gonbad Firouze is by your side, and you are not alone.

Essential Elements of a Brand Identity

A few elements are worth knowing that are also considered the main elements of the brand identity.

  • The elements are:
  • Brand mission identification
  • Establishment of a unique value proposition for your business
  • Creation of a visual brand identity
  • Increasing the overall brand recognition
  • Creation of high-quality content for your business
  • Defining your values 
  • And lastly, spreading awareness regarding your values and your business.
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Importance of A Brand Identity

Brand identity has the following importance, which makes it crucial for any business. 


  • Firstly, it acts as the face of your business. It simply tells all about your business and who you are. 


  • It has the full power to make your products more trustworthy and credible. 


  • Thanks to brand identity, your products and services are more authoritative in the eyes of the customers. 


  • It highlights your mission and vision along with your business goals. 


  • A good brand identity can bring in more customers and delight the existing ones.

Brand Identity Need

If you desire to be different and always seen among the pool of competitors in the market, brand identity is what you need to have.

Thanks to brand identity, you will have a positive light on your business, and we can help you strengthen the light at Gonbad Firouze.

All you need to do is have faith in our services, the power of your logo, your packaging, our consultation, and your goals, and all will be fine. We are just a call away from making the best brand identity for your business.

Keep in mind that a brand identity is not just a visual identity. It has to be:

  • Up to date and hold the recent trends and designs in it


  • It should be eye-catching simple yet unique for the audience to recognize you.


  • It should be creative enough and showcase your business in a way that is different from the rest.

Get in touch with us and let our team of experts hand over the best and worthy brand identity that will focus on your SWOT and make you be seen among the rest.