About us

From Where Did We Come?

We are proud to say that our history as an advertising agency named Merchant started in Armenia back in the year 2005. Initially, the activities of the Merchant were limited to the publication of the monthly specialized magazines of technology and the exhibition advertising affairs.

By gaining more experience we started growing and expanding our activities. After four years we were successful enough to transfer Merchant to an international advertising ad branding agency.

When it comes to customer satisfaction we do our best to provide creative and effective designs as well as consultations. We will walk with you side by side till you reach your desired goal.

طراحی هویت بصری
هویت بصری برند شخصیت برند و سازمان را در ذهن مخاطب ایجاد می کند.

What All We Have Done?

In these years we have had the pleasure of working with small and big companies and besides work, we have also been able to gather valuable experiences on the way as an advertising agency for these companies.

From these experiences we can name the printing of the seven magazine titles in different fields, branding for five big international companies and advertising for more than 200 small and big companies in seven different countries can be named.

When Did We Become Gonbad Firouze?

In the year 2016, we successfully established our office in Iran and started being active in our country after receiving the license of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance we registered the name of Gonbad Firouze advertising agency.

Along with slight changes in the work process in consultation of branding, advertising, graphic designing as well as the packaging we successfully kept it at the top of our works.

A team of highly experienced experts works with us at Gonbad Firouze who try their best to transfer their knowledge and talent for the projects we work on.

هویت بصری برند ۳

What We Desire to Do?

We at Gonbad Firouze as an advertising and designing agency which is in cooperation with the international agency of Merchant and we work not only in the field of expanding the activities. On the other hand, we desire to have access to the international market by educating the young souls as well as our colleagues and coworkers in the same field of printing and advertisement.

What Are Our Values?

In our designing and advertising agency we work with the smallest to the biggest companies be it internal or international, smallest commodities to the most expensive ones are checked equally, and for each of them, there is a dedicated process of advertising and designing accordingly.

Here in the advertising and designing agency of Gonbad Firouze, there are young souls who are energetic and have created a creative team that has and provides different and unique solutions for all kinds of business in any part of the world.