Privacy Policy

Gonbad Firouze is the second branch of the Merchant company in Armenia and it is a company that takes Privacy very seriously. For us, Privacy and security are the most crucial factors when dealing with Privacy and the details provided by our clients.

Gonbad Firouze is committed to keeping and maintaining the procedures and policies safely without disclosing them to others. We know that the first and foremost thing is Privacy for you, and we entirely respect that. The primary purpose of this privacy policy is to let all our clients know the kind of information we take from them and the areas where the collected data will be used.

Requested Information from Our Clients

The information collected from our clients is in the form of email, telephone, (skype, WhatsApp), and it is one of the ways by which our clients are able to contact us. This is also a great way to utilize the advanced and modern features of the site.

All the information collected by the company from clients is mainly the ones that are displayed on the website of the client and visible to all. Additionally, we will collect the IP address to be able to use the cookies until and unless you can ignore them by configuring your browser.

Gonbad Firouze uses the information and the request forms along with the email options available for the visitors in order to be able to request information as well as to express their interest in them.

Your information will not be shared or disclosed, it will not be sold or given for rent, and they are very safe in our hands. For us, satisfaction and the trust of our clients are one of the top priorities. In Gonbad Firouze, we try our level best to use reasonable efforts to maintain the Privacy and the confidentiality of information provided to us.

All the information trusted to us will be used only for business purposes internally and to support the relationship of the client with the company itself.

How Do We Actually Use the Gathered Details?

We may use your information in the following ways:

  • We at Gonbad Firouze may use the information provided to us in order to facilitate the customer services and also to be able to contact you if there is any query.
  • The information will be used in order to target the offers in the field of marketing, designing and advertising.
  • It will help us in performing the required searches on the demographics of the user, their interests, and even their behavior. All these are done based on the information that has been provided to us by you.
  • The information will help us in matching it with the third-party data available for a better understanding of the customers.

Full Privacy Notice


When Do We Collect the Required Information?

Personally identifiable information will be collected by us when the client provides us everything in detail.

The website servers we have simply collects the names of the domain visitors to it. On the other hand, we will also be able to receive personal data and additional online and offline information from the partners we have who are willing to share it with us. All the information gathered will only be used in accordance with the Privacy Policy as well as the available laws.

The Type of Details We Collect

Information such as the name, title, company address, email address, contact number, and a few more will be collected from the clients.

The combination of the information we collect from you and the one you hand over to us will be done offline. We may also get notified in case you change your address as well. On a final note, we also collect information like the IP address, the type of the browser, length and the time of your visit, the site you visit, and last but not least, the clickstream data. Further information regarding cookies is listed below.

How Will the Information Be Used?

  • Personal information is collected for facilitating customer services and also to be able to contact the clients if there is an urge for some kind of information.

Questionnaires and surveys can also be handed to the clients for further information by the company. They will be used to help us in the process of designing and building better products and designs to deliver better consultation and recommendations.

  • Information collected will help us in targeting the offers in the field of marketing, advertising, and even designing.
  • Search on the demographics of the users, their interests, and the behavior will be done by the company based on the information gathered from the clients. It is simply done in order to get a clear vision and be able to understand, and at the same time be able to serve the best to our clients.
  • The domain names of the visitors and the information about the clients’ visits will be collected mainly by our servers. Such information is simply the aggregated measures regarding the number of page visits, views of the page, and even the average time spent on the page. This information will be shared by third parties and the companies that are affiliated with us.
  • Site usage and the operation will be reviewed based on the information that has been collected by us from the websites of the clients.

The Reasons We Share the Information

Transferring as well as disclosing of the gathered information will be done mainly for the following purpose:

  • It will be transferred with our service providers and the business associates in case the disclosure will be a helping hand in fulfilling the needs and the requirements of the clients or even the services.
  • The information may be transferred to the affiliates and third parties if they have some marketing offers for you to get in touch with you.
  • It will be used for the judicial process as well as to provide the information we require to the enforcement agencies along with the investigation on matters that are dependent on the safety permitted or required by law.
  • Last but not least, in case the assets of the company are simply acquired, the gathered personal information can be one of the assets that have been transferred.

Cookies and the Similar Technologies

Gonbad Firouze or the third-party service providers who are acting on behalf of us may use the cookies or even the web beacons that are available on your site.

A cookie is considered to be a small text file that can be easily stored on the drive of the computer while the sites are accessed. A web beacon, on the other hand, is considered to be an electronic image that is being used to recognize the cookie on the user’s computer. Cookies and the web beacons will be used in order to collect the non-personal information from the client that includes the IP address, the type of the browser, and finally, the length of the visit along with the clickstream data.

Such information is used for:

  • Recognizing you whenever you return to the site.
  • It helps in improving as well as personalizing the experience of the site.
  • Providing the client with the customized advertising.
  • Last but not least, it is used to monitor the usage of the site and analyze the behavior of the visitors who visit the site.

You have the full right to decline the cookies, but in that case, you will not be able to have access to some features that are available on your site.

Your Rights

You have the entire right to ask the company to access, update or even delete all the information provided by you by sending an official email to us. By the process of keeping the personal data makes sure that we respect the preferences and the choices of our clients.

Once you make a request, we may need some documentation to be able to verify the identity before going forwards with the process. Throughout the process, your corporation is very important to be able to exercise your full rights under the notice of Privacy.


Security of the Personal Data Gathered

At Gonbad Firouze, we have implemented a security program for the information, which has administrative, physical, technical controls that are mainly designed in order to safeguard the personal data of the client.

Gonbad Firouze makes efforts to be able to protect the information of the clients.


Additional Privacy Information of the Company

  • Children’s Privacy

The company simply complies with the Children Online Privacy Act of 1998, and we do not gather any personal information from children at all. Gonbad Firouze is not intended to gather any solicit information from individuals below the age of 18.


  • Changes in the Privacy Policy

Gonbad Firouze has the entire right to change the Privacy Terms and Policies of the company any time desired with or without any notice regarding the updates in the policies.


  • Questions

How to know More About the Company?

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